Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Daoist Sues Walmart

Last summer I sued Walmart in order to help protect a Jesuit retreat centre from some pretty ridiculously bad planning. To make a long story short, Walmart decided to jam a big box retail centre in between three burial grounds and next to a 600 acre retreat centre. After a 12 year court battle that involved three City Council elections (and planning flip-flops), competing developers, and a citizen's group; Walmart won. At that point on behalf of a multifaith coalition, I sued the company under Canada's Charter of Religious Freedom. We settled out of court by having the company agree to the principle that nothing that happens at the shopping centre will be either seen or heard on the property.

Here's the website for our group. And here's the deposition I wrote for myself.

Years ago, the ancient Daoists were very involved in various political initiatives out of self defense. The founder of the Quanzhen school (part of my lineage) was famous for meeting with Genghis Khan to encourage him to moderate his policies towards the common people. And Daoists of Wudan Shan were famous for the martial arts they developed for self defense. I'd like to think that my court battle on behalf of the Ignatius Centre is in the same tradition of the martial monks fighting bandits to save their Temple.

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