Thursday, May 15, 2008

Name Change

I've changed the name of my blog to Diary of a Daoist Hermit. Primarily, this is because it was recently pointed out to me that I am more accurately described as a Hermit than a Recluse. The difference is that a Hermit exists outside of an ecclesiastic organization, but he still interacts with people. A Recluse, on the other hand, is someone who renounces any interaction with people and tends to live in the wilderness, isolated from all other people.


Gwen Buchanan said...

only last night I was trying to define who I have become... a hermit or a recluse... many points of both are correct... I have been a hermit for years but I think I am becoming a recluse now... every time I venture out I am so disappointed in what I observe... I usually have to go back and think of things I am grateful for in my own small life just to come back to an even keel...javascript:void(0)
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I enjoyed reading yur writings...

Bao Pu the E-Hermit said...

It's a good distinction to make. I see being a hermit as having more to do with an inner orientation, whereas "recluse" describes a more outward relationship (or lack thereof).

Love your blog, by the way.