Monday, October 24, 2016

Where have I gone?

I haven't published anything on this blog in quite a while so I thought I owed readers an explanation.

The local daily newspaper folded in my city, leaving a huge hole in local news coverage. I have "stepped into the breach" by starting a local, on-line magazine called "the Guelph Back-Grounder". It's become a fair amount of work, and it certainly deals with different issues and appeals to a totally different set of readers, so it has effectively robbed this blog of all the time and energy I used to devote to it.

This isn't to say that I have given up writing on issues Daoist related, however. I have finished a book on how to live a modern life as a Daoist, which I've titled Digging Your Own Well:  Daoism as a Practical Philosophy. It's already "in the can" and now I just have to go through the work of formatting it for publishing through Smashwords and Lulu Books. I will announce when that happens.

For the future, I've already started another book, on taijiquan, which I have tentatively titled Theoretical Taijiquan.

Looking at the statistics on my blog, I see that I get a lot of folks looking at posts that I have written years ago, so I see no reason to take it down.  It's become a resource for people interested in Daoism and I am still interested in intelligent comments, so I will keep an eye out for those too.

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